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Money Basics: “Better Late Than Never”

So, this week’s post is late 😮 ! My attempt at being superwoman this week didn’t quite come through 😐 ; between some minor health issue and plain over-scheduling, I was not able to get the typical Finomics 101 post published for your reading pleasure. When I woke up this morning, my first thought was to let this week be my “off week”, everyone needs one of those every now and again, no? 🙂 It is already Friday — I will simply make up for it with a top-notch post early next week.  And then the very well known saying popped up in my head: “better late than never!”

Of course!  This is not a typical Finomics 101 post.  It is late.  But I am still writing, because every situation presents a lesson, and in the midst of this babble, there is one 🙂 : it is never too late to get off the wrong course and head in the right direction.  How does this apply to personal finances you may ask?  My take is that no matter how poorly or ignorantly one’s finances may have been managed in the past, every day presents a brand new opportunity to make the decision to begin the journey to financial sanity.  It will require a lot of work and mental strength for sure, but we all know what they say about good things not coming easy.  No matter how late you think it is, it is way better than delaying the turnaround and going further down the wrong way.

So, I am hoping this little blurb will provide you with the encouragement you need to seek the professional advice that would enable you get on the right path, regardless of how far down the “wrong” lane you think you may have gone.  If you would like to start a conversation regarding getting your finances in order, you could either leave a message in the box below or send an email to comments@finomics101.com.

In the meantime, have a lovely weekend!